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What to Expect – Fight For Zero Team

Fight For Zero’s organization thrives on creativity, education, community engagement, and teamwork.  We will be respectful, provide a welcoming environment in which you can work, provide resources and tools for the projects you are working on, provide a support network for you in your activities, provide opportunities to learn, accept and respect your lifestyle and time constraints. 

Fight For Zero expects volunteers to be respectful, a good representative of FFZ and our message while volunteering, be friendly to all people (familiar faces, newcomers, and fellow volunteers), educate yourself about the issues we are working on, work with us to find opportunities that fit your interests and skills, let us know in advance if you cannot show up for a volunteer opportunity that you committed to.

Accepted Volunteers will be required to:

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) form, volunteer agreement, roles and responsibilities agreement. 

  • Training necessary to fulfill a role successfully; social media marketing, project management system, email newsletter formatting, public record requests, test sampling, etc. 


Accepted regional Directors will be required to:

Attend four regional meetings a year

Partake in strategic conference calls.

Do all available training and attend workshops.

Communicate with the press and draft press releases.

Have a personalized email with Fight For Zero. 


We welcome, value, and rely on a diversity of people and perspectives to confront environmental abuse, champion environmentally responsible solutions, and advocate for the rights and well being of all people. Our movement is people-powered, and collective, and we are searching for representatives to join our grassroots organization. Most volunteer positions have the flexibility to volunteer from home.

Administrative Support

Administrative Assistant

Coordinating travel plans, making itineraries, and completing bookings, providing as-needed support to directors, managers, and executives, handling mail, managing office communications, representing office interests in relationships with external associates, vendors, consultants, and clients.

Administrative Aide

Managing office communications, creating invoices, fielding phone calls and emails, scheduling and managing calendars.

Data Entry Clerk

Perform accurate data entry (spreadsheets, google documents, glossaries, guidelines, numbers, etc.) Must type at least 65wpm, sign an NDA, and be detail oriented. 

Events Administrator

Collaborating across departments to help plan community events.

File Clerk

Help organize documents, research, and studies both online and through print. 


Answer and make phone calls on behalf of Fight For Zero, and relay information to the admin assistant/aide. 

Research Analysis

Gather information from various sources, research it, ensure the quality and accuracy of the information, and design a way to present the information to send to the Fight For Zero’s content coordinators. ​

Expert Consultants


Fight For Zero needs your expertise and feedback to help us make a connection between science and society. 

Environmental Consultant

Help Fight For Zero implement cleaner environments by communicating with our team through email and phone discussions. 

Environmental Engineers

Use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to help us develop solutions to environmental problems here in Florida. 


Investigate the collection and analysis of health data. Apply your knowledge to help us save future generations. Phone consutations, recommendations, and investigating diseases involving the collection of our health data. 

Healthcare Consultants

Professionals in the healthcare industry who can consult with us, analyze data, help us draw conclusions, and present findings.

Legal Consultant

Attorney’s familiar with different areas of law who can assis our organization in legal matters. 


Represent our organization in legal proceedings, draw up legal documents, advise us on legal transactions, and help in other areas of law.


We need more doctors who treat cancer to join our fight against zero contamination.


Help Fight For Zero make sense of data and spot trends. 


Phone conultations to answer questions, help assess studies, and offer professional statements that highlight your expertise for Fight For Zero.

Water Resource Expert

Help us educate the general public on sampling, maintenance, and repair activiites in works facility and equipment in the water collection and water distrubtion system.​

Education / Teaching

Health Educator

Assess the health-related problems and needs to addres issues. Health educators produce web content and literature


Teaching, research, and service in your area of expertise to assist in discussions, literature, and lectures.

Campaigns / Marketing

Brand Marketing Representative

Responsible for ensuring every piece of the marketing material is representing the organization in a positive light. Create updates and enforce brand guidelines so all creative work is cohesive and aligned with the overall look and feel of the organization.

Content Creator

Create original content for usage mostly on online platforms (writing blogs, photography, video, video editing, graphic design, etc.)

Creative Assistant

Participate in various branding projects, help design valuable content, create presentations, and coordinate with team members to gather images, logos, stats, and content to use in various creative projects.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Online marketing (email, websites, search engines, social media, etc.) Help execute Fight For Zero’s online marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Coordinator

Responsible for crafting and distributing helpful, relevant content through blog articles, newsletters, infographics, videos, quizzes  games, and other marketing tactics that can drive awareness to the Fight For Zero mission and website. 

Junior Brand Associate

Assists the Brand Marketing Representative. Perfect for interns or young volunteers.

Marketing Director

Help create and implement marketing strategies to help achieve Fight For Zero goals. Oversee market research, budgets, timelines, and marketing efforts.

SEO Specialist

Help us increase organic web traffic through search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Develop and implement strategies to improve the search rankings.​

Social Media / Blogging

Content Strategist

Combine strong writing and communication skills with analytical thinking and marketing by managing online content that achieves specific business goals. Apply search engine optimization and study analytics to figure out what kind of content is working (and what kind isn’t) so that we can adjust accordingly.​

Social Media Admins & Moderators

Help manage our social media accounts (Facebook like page, groups, Instagram, Twitter). Attract new viewers and engage with existing ones includes crafting engaging posts, responding to questions or comments from followers, promoting events and sharing promos.

Social Media Marketing Analyst

Responsible for compiling and making sense of data needed to help determine what people want, gather infomration thorugh research and polls. 


Video Content Director

Assist in the creative process in developing content to produce bi weekly for the Fight For Zero YouTube channel and social media.


Video Editor

Edit various video projects using a professional editing program. 


Shoot footage and assist in editing. 


Florida Photographers

Share your best Florida images with us for a chance to be featured on our social media and blog. 


Documentary Photographer

Capture images that truthfully portray people, places, and events. We want to convey the real stories and facts of our work so bring your camera to our next meeting.

Campaign Photographer

Work closely with content creators to present unique concepts for advertising campaigns and projects. 

Communications / Writer

Blog Journalist

Whether you’re focused on TV, radio, print, or the Web, you will spend time searching out newsworthy information and turning your findings into articles. Have a niche? Let us know and we can even create your own space on our blog!

Content Writer

Write a wide variety of topics for multiple platforms (website, blogs, articles, social updates, banners, case studies, guides, papers, etc.).


Give subjective opinion on current events, offer persuasive and reasoned opinions and perspectives on anything from city council’s latest vote to the current environmental issues. ​

Guest Writer

As a contributor to our blog, you could be transforming research into life stories. We will credit you as a guest writer and provide links to your work so that our readers can connect with you. ​


Make sure there are no errors in the grammar, spelling, spacing, or margins of documents, and that any photos have appropriate captions. 


Work for executives and public relations to write persuasively about principles that you may not always agree with. If you’re looking for experience in Journalism, communications  or political science this would be a great start.​

Web Content Writer

Researching and writing digital content for our blog. Required to conduct online research or interview subject matter experts to gather information. 


Grant Researcher / Writer

Grant Writer

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